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Gniezno [ˈɡɲeznɔ], in earlier English and in German Gnesen, is a city in central-western Poland, some 50 kilometres (31 miles) east of Poznań, with some 70,000 inhabitants. One of the Piast dynasty's chief cities, it was mentioned in 10th-century sou..  ︎  Wikipedia.org
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Primêre Stad:Gniezno
Geassosieerde Stede:Nowy Tomyśl |  Szamotuły  | Meer
Woongebiede:Fabryczna, Krzyki, Stare Miasto, Śródmieście
Tydsone:Sentraal-Europese somertyd
Lokaaltyd:Sondag 01:39
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