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Gafsa | Tunisië

Gafsa (Tunisian Arabic: ڨفصة‎  Gafsˤa), originally called Capsa in Latin, is the capital of Gafsa Governorate of Tunisia. It lends its Latin name to the Mesolithic Capsian culture. With a population of 111,170, it is the 9th-largest Tunisian city.   ︎  Wikipedia.org
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Primêre Stad:Gafsa
Geassosieerde Stede:Sidi Bouzid |  Tozeur
Woongebiede:Centre Ville, Ouled Haffouz, Sidi Ahmed Zarroug - سيدي أحمد زروق
Tydsone:Sentraal-Europese standaardtyd
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